Easy Java.

Online courses for Java developers

The project is dedicated to learning the Java language. The site was created to sell online courses and inform the user about the news in this area. Also, through the website, you can go to your personal account, where the training plan, all lessons, chats, etc. are available.

  • Service:

    Multi-page website

  • Client:

    Educational Courses

The challenge

The main two problems that potential Java course customers are experiencing are: 1) Am I making the right choice to take courses in this language? 2) Why should I choose this particular resource to study?


At first, we decided to focus on the advantages of the Java language. We showed the average salary and popularity of Java to convince visitors that Java is the right choice. Then we highlighted information about our course and its author, his experiences, and students' feedback. As a result, modern design, visual advantages, and ease have won the hearts of future site customers.